Arabic Mezze Platter

( This giant platter of delicious Arabic mezze served with hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, tirokafteri, tabbouleh, falafel, greek olives, cheese & hot pita bread )


Malvani Kaju

( Roasted cashews are tossed with traditional malvani spices )


Fresh Garden Green Salad

( Combination of fresh sliced garden vegetables )


Mint Melon & Meta

( Combination of mix melons with feta cheese & mint, served on the bed of ice )


Cheesy Fries

( Crispy golden fries tossed with cajun spices, herbs & topped cheese sauce )


Cucumber & Spicy Cream Cheese

( Fresh cucumber topped with feta, sour cream, greek olives & parsley )


Hammered Nachos Grande

( Crispy nachos with baked beans, Mexican tomatoes salsa, topped with jalapeno, olives & cheese )


Tomato Basil & Cheese Bruschetta

( Herb toasted baguette bread topped with classic pesto sauce, parmesan, basil & olives )



( Arabic chickpeas cake flavoured with garlic, mint, olive oil, shallots served with Harissa & Aioli )


Red Pepper Hummus

( Fine spread made up of chickpeas, garlic,olive oil, tahini, roasted pimentos & lime served with hota pita bread )


Spicy Cheese Blasters

( Mixture of cheese, parsley, olives, jalapeno stuffed in mashed potato & panko coated, then golden fried served with spicy cocktail mayo )


Cream Cheese Fungi

( Mushroom stuffed with cheese, olives, celery, shallots & herbs, coated with panko & served with cocktail mayo )


Buddha's Delight

( Exotic veggies, shiitake, dry fungi, stirfried with soy sauce & seasonings)


Paneer Basil Chilly

( Cottage cheese cubes deep fried work sauteed with bell peppers, onions & basil )


Poh Pia Pak (Veg Spring Roll)

( Vegetable spring roll consists of Thai noodles, vegetables & served with kimchi & sweet chili sauce )


Paneer Kathi Roll

( Delicious wraps, stuffed & rolled with spiced mix veggies & cottage cheese )


Kung Pao Paneer

( Cottage cheese wok sauteed with bell peppers, onions & cashews )




(Chocolate Hazelnut / Black Forest)



(Classic italian dessert layered with whipped cream, coffee, mascarpone and cocoa)

Hammerzz Sizzling Brownie


(A delicious walnut brownie served with vanilla on smokey sizzling trey topped with chocolate fondue)

Baba Au Rhum


(Dark rum-flavored cake balls topped with whipped cream)

Celebration Cake