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Date : 26 oct 2016
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Goa's splendid beach, exotic seafood, and nonstop fun nightlife have always been made headlines on all top holiday and travel magazines, newspaper and blogs across the world and printed in every foreign language. In 2019, Goa is gifted with one more reason to capture headlines of all travel and holiday blogs. Hammerzz is launching India's first ever state of art nightclub with international standard sound system and lighting, a rooftop restaurant with breathtaking scenic beauty and a restaurant and bar that serves the best exotic Goan, Indian, Chinese and Meditarian dishes…

Hammerzz Club is divided in four entertainment zones a state of art nightclub, a spectacular rooftop restaurant, kid zone, and a fabulous bar- all rolled into one to create the ultimate party venue at heart of Goa.


Hammerzz nightclub and restaurant which is going to define the true flavor of your Goan holidays. It is located right on Calangute with a beautiful riverside that will provide visitors a ravishing view of the river.

Things To Expect

Truly the next level of entertainment and based on international standards that you will experience which will change your perception about nightclub and restaurant forever.


As stated above that Hammerzz is completely going to change your perception forever. Hammerzz is a combination of four entertainment zones. Let's talk about some of the features. Which you may have not experienced anywhere in India.

A Spectacular Rooftop Restaurant

The concept of the rooftop restaurant is not new. But what will surprise you is Hammerzz complete makeover when you will visit it during evening or night. If you happen to visit here during day time and book your seat their you will be able to see the amazing views around the nightclub and restaurant sans any boundary or walls. But once the dusk approaches you will be able to witness that automated glass walls will appear around you and provide a secure covering.

A State Of The Art Nightclub

Hammerzz is the truly an authentic state of the art nightclub, having the newest ideas and features. Be it location, ambiance, food, wines, discotheque, and DJ. It is a complete entertainment venue.

Kid Zone

Kid Zone at Hammerzz is devoted to the care and safety of your children for all ages. We provide your children with care and attention and interaction in a friendly and safe atmosphere while you enjoy yourselves while at Hammerzz. Some of our Kid Zone features have

  • • Infant Rooms
  • • Designated craft and coloring area
  • • Activity Points
  • • Trained and background checked CPR and first aid certified caretakers.
  • • Games

Fabular Bar

At Hammerzz you will be enthralled by its bar. The bar here has fantabulous service, atmosphere, drinks, selection and variety of foods and snacks. Bars are greatly lighted along with big bar counters so that maximum people can get a seat. The bonus is you can expect to get your drink of any international brand. That will make your night truly awesome.

In the end, we can say that once you get an experience of Hammerzz. You are bound to come here time and again with your loved ones. At Hammerzz you will get to feel a heightened dose of entertainment, leisure and pleasure.